Latest News and all That You Should Know for Doing Business in the UAE

  • July 11, 2020
  • 10:00 PM
  • UAE

Now that you know all about the benefits of getting a UAE Residency Visa, we will reveal one of the simplest ways to get your own Residency Visa via setting up your own business in the UAE.

If you are thinking of a quick, safe, and affordable way to get an Investor Visa, setting up a Free Zone Company in the UAE could be your best choice.

Profikuo Consultancy can assist you in completing all the procedures to get your business license issued and start your Residency Visa application right away. We also help you finalize your Medical Examination, Emirates ID, and Visa Stamping on your passport.

Step 1:

Register your Free Zone Company

Choose a Free Zone and get your license issued. You can pick one from the 45 Free Zones present in the UAE and check what documentation is required to start the setup process or let one of our consultants guide you directly to the right Free Zone and take care of all the paperwork involved.

Step 2:

Applying for the Establishment card

The Establishment Card is a document issued by the Immigration Authority which proves the existence and validity of your company, and consequently entitles you to start applying for your Investor Visa. As soon as your license is issued, your Free Zone will apply for your Establishment Card.

Step 3:

E-Channel Registration

Introduced in January 2018 by the UAE Government, the E-Channel portal was designed to speedup visa procedures, while linking your company directly to a unified Immigration database system, turning the traditional submission and emission of paperwork into a smooth electronic integrated and standardized framework across the UAE. The E-channel portal must be renewed along with the business license every year.

Step 4:

Apply for your Investor Visa & Obtain the Entry Permit

Now that your E-Channel registration is completed, you can start your Investor Visa application and wait for your Entry Permit to be issued by the GDRFA Authority and emailed directly to you.

The Entry Permit is a temporary visa which allows you to enter and stay in the UAE for up to 60 days in order to finalize your Residency Visa.

Step 5:

Status Change

Your Status Change refers to the activation of your Entry Permit.

If you are outside of the UAE and your Entry Permit is issued, you can directly enter the UAE and get your Permit copy stamped at the passport control desk (if you are traveling by plane) or at any UAE border checkpoint (if you are traveling by land).

If you are already inside the UAE and your entry permit is issued, you can apply for the Inside Country Status Change, directly through your free zone.

Step 6:

Medical Examination & Emirates ID

You can now approach any preventive medical fitness center in the UAE, as long as it is approved by the Dubai Health Authority to complete your medical test. Right after that, you can visit the closest Emirates ID Centre and apply for your Emirates ID Card. If it is your first Emirates ID application you must take a photo, eye scan, and fingerprints.

Step 7:

Residency Visa Stamping

Upon receiving your medical result, and having completed your Emirates ID, getting your Residency Visa stamped in your passport is your very final step. You can submit your passport directly to your Free Zone. As soon as the visa sticker is applied to your passport, you can collect it from the Free Zone, after only a few days. Make sure your passport has at least 7-month validity and 3 empty pages.


You can stay in your home country throughout the initial steps of your company setup and issuance of the entry permit (provided that you visited the UAE at least once in the past).

Your physical presence in the UAE will be required only at the stage of the Medical Examination & Emirates ID, and the final Visa Stamping in your passport.

Overall the timeframe for the Medical test, Emirates ID and Visa Stamping is approximately 5-7 working days.


Once you become a UAE Resident you can live anywhere across the Seven Emirates.

However, living in the UAE is not a must. Many residents, in fact, prefer to reside permanently in their home country. In that case, remember to enter the UAE once in every 6 months to maintain the validity of your visa. In case you fail to enter within 6 months, your visa will be automatically cancelled, and you will have to apply for a new visa all over again.


Once your Investor Visa is completed, you will be able to sponsor your family as well. They will be eligible to apply for a Dependency Residency Visa. You can rent or buy a property, live permanently in the UAE, and take advantage of all the great benefits that the country has to offer!

Contact Profikuo Consultancy at and we will guide you through all the visa steps for a smooth conclusion to the process!